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Testimonials from Clients

When our mother’s housemate had to leave town suddenly to care for an ailing parent, we turned to Rachel to help find a special housemate, who could keep an eye on mom without being too intrusive. Rachel quickly distilled our thoughts into a marvelous description of the type of person we were looking for and placed it in several online locations. Within days, Rachel had a number of promising candidates, whom she interviewed over the phone. She had devised a list of questions for the candidates that would help narrow down the list to a select few. We met with the top candidates, and it was an outstanding selection to choose from. We then had a thought-provoking discussion with Rachel to pinpoint the candidates’ qualities that were most appropriate for our mom’s situation. As a result, we selected a lovely couple, who are caring, responsible, and engaging. Immediately, they felt like members of the family and mom obviously enjoys their presence. We are extremely grateful to Rachel for taking charge of such a difficult, overwhelming task for us. We cannot be happier with Rachel’s dedication to our mother and the professional manner in which she operates. We highly recommend Rachel’s services. She has a rare gift.

The Jacobson Family, CA

"Our mom loves to play scrabble, but it’s hard for us to find time in our busy schedules to play with her regularly. Rachel stops by, once a week, takes our mom to lunch and then plays a game of scrabble with her. My mom really enjoys this routine and says that it’s the “high point of her week”. Rachel has also been available to spend extra days with our mom when one of us is on vacation. She is reliable and friendly, and follows up with a weekly email detailing their get together. We feel lucky to have found such a wonderful companion for our mom."

Jean’s family, CA

"Rachel worked with my aunt to get her moved from her apartment of many decades into a retirement community. They worked hours together planning, sorting, packing, donating, scheduling movers, moving and then of course unpacking. I am impressed with the diligence and inspiration with which Rachel worked and relieved that my aunt had her support during a time that is difficult and overwhelming even for the most organized people. Rachel helped make it happen even when I was busy with my job and couldn't be there everyday. I would highly recommend her to you or your loved one."

Abby Tuttle, CA

"In August of 2008, I contacted Ms. Rachel Laws after seeing her brochure at the Berkley North Senior Center. After talking with Rachel I engaged her to assist me in moving out of California to Maryland. Her duties were to help me sell household items via Craig's list, sort through items I had in storage, take me shopping and to Doctor appointments as well as secure a moving/storage company for me, She also assisted me in transitioning my healthcare coverage from CA to MD as well as transferring my social security information.

She was punctual, efficient and detailed oriented in her work. She was superb in all of her services."

Shirley J. Grammer, MD

"In searching for help for our mother, my siblings and I found Rachel Laws. She was a total god-send at the time and provided our mother with the greatest of care. Most importantly, we felt we could trust Rachel to give our mother the most loving care possible and utmost respect at such a difficult time in her life. Mom had just had surgery on her back, and although us kids really wanted to be able to care for her, it was too much. When Rachel came in to help we all sighed with great relief, as it was almost as if she was an instant part of the family. Rachel is caring, intuitive, resourceful and genuine. Rachel assisted with mom's recovery and communicated often with us to let us know about any progress she observed and also about any concerns she had. Now, our mother is doing very well and we will never forget what an important service Rachel provided, not only to our mom, but to our whole family."

Jo Anne Bressick, CA

"In the weeks leading up to and following a major surgery for my mother, Rachel provided companionship, care, and compassion--and therefore, peace of mind not only for Mom, but for our extended family--during a difficult time. Her services ranged from the mundane to the complex. She re-organized kitchen and bathroom spaces to minimize Mom's need to bend or stretch, provided safe transportation and help with short shopping trips, and perhaps most significantly, a second set of ears and thorough note-taking at her medical appointments. Rachel helped not only my mother but our extended family feel pro-active instead of exhausted. The positive outcome that eventually came about is due at least in part to the services of Rachel Laws."

J.L. Weinstein, CA

"Rachel saved me from making monthly trips across the country by providing excellent care to my sister"

Jim Sims, MO

"Rachel has been a great help in getting me organized, and feeling better about myself and my house."

Pat Herman, CA

A Gift

The bay today is brighter and gay

All is as it was meant to be

We will sleep much better tonight

Feeling so loved and free

There is no grayness in the sky

The sun shines a friendly glow

We all say hi more readily

Is there something we all know?

Yes! We have long awaited news

Anticipating this for a while

We were slipping into funky blues

It was much harder to even smile

See even the cable car bells ring

On their way up to the stars

Poets I know are even singing

I saw a commuter his car

Causing all of this unrestrained joy

The source of this gift we are given

Our friend Rachel returned from abroad

By the bay with us she will be livin'

~Written by my former client,

Jeremiah Buckley~

It is Now Time to Move

I don't need

Tea party politeness;

I don't need

That pitying smile.

My life is a choking

Clutter of cast-off skins,

A newness too fragile

For forgetful friends.

What did truly help

Was an Organizer,

Full of life and enthusiasm,

One who taught

And inspired

With respect for vulnerability;

Who respected and narrowed

The chasm between

Dream and act;

Who respected my humanity

And was willing to

Share her own;

Respected my hunger

For order,

For new ways:

For the serenity

Of internal tidiness

Spread lovingly

Throughout my home

~Written by my client, Shoshi Tuttle~