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Recorded Trainings Information

The following recorded trainings will help you to prepare to run your own senior concierge business.

What If I'm not sure I want to go into the Senior Concierge Business?

What can I do to "get my feet wet"?

I highly suggest taking the live Service training class found here. This class will give you an opportunity to see what the day in the life of a senior concierge can really be like.

If you simply have some questions and you want to spend a little time with me to get some questions answered I suggest that you book a phone appointment with me here.

Am I obligated to take all of the trainings?

No, absolutely not. While I would love for you to to take all of the classes some people come to this profession with a plethora of knowledge in various aspects of running a business. If you're an accountant, you may want to skip the Accounting trainings. If your background is in marketing, you may want to skip the Marketing trainings. It's up to you to pick an choose the trainings that are right for you.

Why are your trainings broken up into two Series, Series 1 and Series 2?

The trainings are divided into two series. Series 1 trainings are all the activities one should do prior to starting your business. Series 2 are all the activities you do once you start receiving calls from and servicing clients.

How long are the trainings?

There are over 5 hours of recorded trainings available to you.

At what point should I take the live Service training via Teleconference?

If you are curious about the day in the life of a concierge professional, I would take the training as soon as it is offered. If you're able to wait it fits nicely around the Operations Training.

I understand that templates are provide with the trainings? What do I get?

All trainings come with a syllabus so that you can follow along with each training. Additionally, some of the trainings provide some very important templates that you can use in your business. Some examples,

• Release of Liability for the Senior Concierge Business ($500 Value) yours for the cost of the class.

• Terms/Personal Contract

• Billing template (built in Excel with formulas)

• Accounting tracking documents

• Operations tracking document

• Marketing planning document

Can I get a copy of all of the templates?

When you purchase a specific class you get the templates associated with that specific class. If you don't take that class, you will not receive those templates. Please read the course descriptions carefully to see which templates you will receive with that recording.