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Personal Qualities:

 • You have to love the senior population and ability to work with all kinds of people and situations.

 • An outstanding background, i.e. (a clean DMV, perfect record, clean and sober, good credit history). Sometimes you will be asked to provide documentation of this for peace of mind to your clients.

 • Ability to be calm, and friendly in all situations.

 • Some Caregiving experience

Business Acumen:

 • Desire and drive to run your own business and be your own boss

 • Customer service oriented

 • Fantastic organizational skills in all avenues of your life

 • Not afraid of marketing your qualifications and skills

 • Ability to write and communicate easily

 • Ability to keep your own accounting or hire someone to help

 • Not afraid of technology

 • Computer experience especially an ability to find information on the internet. Excel    experience is important.

 • Preferably a degree from a university

Additional Important Needs:

 • Have your own clean car that is in working order

 • Ability to lift 20lbs

 • A home office or working space with a computer and cellular telephone

 • Ability to earn less before you make more.

 • Important to have funds for your upfront marketing, training, and insurance costs.