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Senior Concierge Industry & FQA

With modern technology and the latest medical breakthroughs, more and more seniors are remaining independent in their later years.

That growing demographic is creating a large market demand for senior concierge services -- a helping hand when friends and family aren't available.

Living Well founder Rachel Laws is a pioneer in this field, bringing together her professional and practical experience in a way that benefits seniors every day.

Now that opportunity can be passed on to you. For anyone who would rather be doing something for hearts and souls rather than corporate profits, a career as a senior concierge is the perfect mix of professional pride and personal touch. A senior concierge career is perfect for people who:

  • Love working with seniors and their family members

  • Have a wide variety of skills, from technology to accounting to gardening and more

  • Want to make a difference in people's lives

If Cubicle Nation is leaving you unfulfilled, if you want to spend your day helping people, if you want a job where passion and heart are appreciated, then review this site to learn more about training to become a senior concierge.

Listen To Rachel Laws, Owner of Living Well Services

What is a Senior Concierge?

A senior concierge assists seniors with non-medical activities that a son or daughter would normally handle. Please see the example lists of services a senior concierge handles for seniors.

Why are you called a Concierge?

The term concierge is an old term commonly used to describe a person in a hotel who can handle luggage, make reservations, and arrangements. This term is also used to describe someone who works inside of an assisted living facility for seniors. Many seniors are aging in their homes and need the same services a concierge would provide anywhere else.

Why enter the Senior Concierge Business?

Senior Concierge Services is a burgeoning field.The senior population is growing faster than the total population in every single state. Seniors are needing more help but often family members are dispersed and are unable to help as much as they would like to.

What kind of qualifications do I need to become a Senior Concierge?

Please see the list of suggested qualities and qualifications here

How much money can an individual senior concierge make?

It's really up to you. The hourly rate can range to match what you need and what your clients are able to pay. It also depends on how much and how often you want or need to work. Generally, concierge professionals make anywhere from $40-$75 per hour (sometimes more or less, depending on the client and their needs and your location in the country).

How much will I need to devote to this business?

It's really up to you. In the beginning more time will be needed to make connections, and marketing yourself. As you begin to get clients the marketing time is reduced. You can choose your hours to fit your needs and the needs of your clients.

Is this a franchise? Why are you providing so much information about your business and not asking for any further commitment?

This is not a franchise and I'm not asking for anything financial beyond providing these classes to you. You will be your own boss and you have your own company name. Simply, we're interested in getting more people in this industry because there is so much of a need. We want people to think of a Senior Concierge as easily as people think of a plumber for a leak.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

No, This is not a certificate program and you will not receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training program. This training is for your benefit to get you started in the business.

Tell me more about the trainings. What kinds of classes are you offering?

To see a list of trainings please visit here.

How much is the training program?

The total cost for the 8 recorded trainings and templates is $400. If you are interested in personal coaching and consulting over the phone to enhance your learning and receive personal in-depth support, Rachel Laws charges $100 per hour.

What If I'm not sure I want to go into the Senior Concierge Business? What can I do to "get my feet wet"?

Write or call for a free 15 minute consultation. We can set up an appointment at a time that works to discuss your specific questions about this industry.

Am I obligated to take all of the trainings?

No, absolutely not. While we would love for you to to take all of the classes some people come to this profession with a plethora of knowledge in various aspects of running a business. If you're an accountant, you may want to skip the Accounting trainings. If your background is in marketing, you may want to skip the Marketing trainings. It's up to you to pick an choose the trainings that are right for you. Each recorded training is $50.00.

How long are the trainings?

There are over 5 hours of recorded trainings available to you in total.

I understand that templates are provide with the trainings? What do I get?

All trainings come with a syllabus so that you can follow along with each training. Additionally, some of the trainings provide some very important templates that you can use in your business. Some examples,

• Release of Liability for the Senior Concierge Business ($500 Value) yours for the cost of the class.

• Terms/Personal Contract

• Billing template (built in Excel with formulas)

• Accounting tracking documents

• Operations tracking document

• Marketing planning document

Can I get a copy of all of the templates?

When you purchase a specific class you get the templates associated with that specific class. If you don't take that class, you will not receive those templates. Please read the course descriptions carefully to see which templates you will receive with that recording.

I'm having trouble un-zipping the downloaded files. What should I do?

We don't anticipate that you will have any problems with the files. But, please contact us to help support you with any of your problems with downloading our training program.

Has anyone taken your class, how do I know you're legitimate?

Please take a look at our testimonials for Rachel's concierge service and testimonials for the Training Program Please contact us for more information.

Is this training available in book format?

Not at this time

Can I meet you in person?

We are humbled and amazed to see that Living Well Services has grown over the last few years. We now reach hundreds of people directly and that’s a lot of people. We are dedicated to keeping a sane work schedule, to having time and energy for family and community, clients, colleagues and friends. At the same time, we don’t want to wall ourselves off from never meeting new people. All of that said, please don’t hesitate to reach out but normally we like to connect by phone.